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About Us


Our goal at SBCUSD Virtual Academy is to revolutionize the traditional approach to education and prepare students for future careers. We recognize that families play a vital role in a child's education, which is why we work in partnership with them to provide a comprehensive learning experience. Although our approach differs from conventional schooling, students follow a bell schedule and have access to standards-aligned instructional materials, qualified teachers and staff, and equipment and internet connectivity to support their learning. We also organize in-person community events like astronomy nights, movie nights, and other social activities to help students build meaningful relationships with their peers.

Our goal is to establish a success-oriented culture that prioritizes personalized and authentic learning experiences. By embracing technology, we aim to leverage the best practices of teaching professionals to offer exceptional learning opportunities. Our Virtual Academy model is distinct and diverges from the traditional school setting, thus creating a unique experience. We acknowledge that forging strong partnerships with parents, students, and teachers is critical to achieving success. We are committed to collaborating, nurturing growth and innovation, setting clear expectations, and being innovative in everything we do. These core values form the bedrock of our approach to creating the best possible learning environment.